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Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022 launched!

We are very happy to officially launch Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022!

The goal of the challenge is to encourage all of you to exploration of the potential of high laterally resolved vibration analysis with DHM and to reward the best application a DHM Holographic MEMS Analyzer! The 10 best propositions will be nominated by Lyncée Tec, following by the sample characterization with DHM. An international jury will choose the winner from the nominated applications.

Yves Emery, CEO and co-founder of Lyncée Tec SA:

"Our unique non-scanning DHM® technology is the ideal tool to characterization high laterally resolved vibration maps and modes. Researchers, engineers, quality specialists in the field of MEMS industry are not enough aware of the full field vibration analysis possibilities. I’m sure that this challenge will spread information over this larger community and I wish all the participants could win the brand new DHM!"

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