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Complex Sample Geometries

Characterizing the vibration modes on complex geometries and structures requires the measurement of many data points. DHM acquires information simultaneously over the full field of view without any scanning, providing vibration maps with an unmatched megapixel resolution.

Complex Vibration Mode Shapes

The shape of the vibratory modes can be complex, unexpected and strongly dependent on the frequency. It is often not possible to anticipate it. DHM measures vibration maps without pre-defining any measuring points or grids, allowing characterization without preconceived assumptions of their specific shapes.

Time & Frequency Domain Transient Analysis

Stroboscopic acquisition allows measuring of course simple period of excitation signals but also to measure response to transients, bursts, impulses, or frequency chirps. With a maximum of 200 MHz bandwidth, up to 8196 FFT bins, vibration maps can be measured and analyzed very efficiently and accurately in both time- and frequency-domains.

Vibration Maps as Aesthetic as Precise

Mega-pixels resolved vibration mode shapes combined with sample geometries often give rise to aesthetic vibration maps, measured with interferometric resolution to obtain vibration amplitudes as small as picometers.

Ultra-High Pixel Resolution Vibration Maps

Large sensors and multi-elements devices may have lateral dimensions much larger than the objective field of view, whereas cross talks between multiple elements require vibration mode shape analysis over their full surface. Used in conjunction with a motorized stage, DHM measures and stitches measurements to provide vibration maps with tens or even hundreds of million data points.

Lyncée Tec

Lyncée Tec is an innovative, dynamic and customer focused company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We manufacture Digital Holographic Microscopes DHM® for a wide range of applications from topography and vibration analysis to industrial quality control.

Digital Holographic Microscope DHM®

Digital Holographic Microscope DHM® is world's fastest non-scanning 4D profilometer. It has the unique capability to measure dynamic 4D topography and to analyze full-field vibration maps with million data points over large sample surfaces.

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