This application presents a water immersed cMUT membrane transient response to a burst excitation signal.

Both time domain and frequency domain analysis characterization are presented. Such analysis can be further applied to arrays of cMUT and pMUT membranes, as well as to other transducers such as inertial sensors, optical and mechanical switches, MEMS microphones, among others.

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Fig 1. Time domain: cMUT transient time-response to a burst excitation waveform composed of two periods of a sine wave at 5MHz (in blue in Fig 2). 3D color map (left), 3D perspective (upper right), and profile cut (bottom right) of the membrane versus time.
Fig 2. Time domain: cMUT transient response to a burst excitation signal composed of two periods of a sine wave at 5MHz (in blue). Vertical position of three randomly selected monitoring areas (in red, green and yellow).
  • Courtesy of Philips
  • Device: cMUT
  • Instrument: DHM® R2100
  • Magnification: 40x